• Leah & Jason

    Leah & Jason
  • Lorraine & Will

    Lorraine & Will
  • Laura & Brent

    Laura & Brent
  • Kimberly & Bobby

    Kimberly & Bobby

A wedding day is about the beginning of a lifelong  journey and celebrating the love that you two already share. As a bride, you have probably dreamed about this day since you were a little girl. You’ve probably even sat around with friends and built your own ring online… over and over and over. These are the things that you should focus on – not worrying about whether the reception site is set up or what time should you cut your cake. This is the exact reason why a Day Of Coordinator is so crucial.

As a wedding coordinator, I take all the worries out of your day so you and your family can focus on what’s truly important; walking down the aisle, saying your vows, and then partying the night away.


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